Support page for the
Channable Connector


With the Channable Connector you can report on the most important statistics of your Channable project. To use this connector you can connect with your Google Account or just with your email. Both Logins will make an account in the Data Hub app. If you have any questions about the connector, go to our Support Center.

The Channable Connector has a template with 1 page. This template shows general data about your connected Channable project and more information about the different channels.

Channable dashboard

How to connect the
Channable data?

Step 1.
When you’ve selected the connector in Looker Studio, you need to authorize the use of the Looker Studio Connector.

Step 2.
The next step is to authorize the Channable Connector.

Step 3.
Login to your Channable account and make the connection.

Step 4.
When you’ve made the connection with Looker Studio you will see all the possible fields of data with a description of what they mean.

Step 5.
When you click on ‘make report’ you will connect the data to the template.


Frequently asked questions

Find here the most asked questions about the Channable Connector. Can’t find your question here? Ask us in the Channable repository.

What do I need to authorize the Channable Connector and where can I find it?

You need four things.

  1. An account for Channable
    Just your login information, you normally use to login to Channable.
  2. Company ID & Channable API Token
    Click on your profile icon (right top corner) and select ‘Channable API’Here you can find your Company ID & Generate a Channable API Token. Save your token somewhere, because once it is made you won’t get the chance to get the same token again!
  3. Project ID
    Go to your project and there you can find the project ID in the URL ( The ID after /projects/, for example: /projects/67891) or on the Channable app (Set-up –> Product Configuration)

Metrics and Dimensions of the Channable Connector

You can use the following metrics and dimensions to Looker Studio:

Name Type Description
Order ID NUMBER Order ID
Date order created YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECOND The date of a specific order created
Channel TEXT Channel name
items NUMBER Number of items in the order
orders NUMBER Number of orders
Date order modified YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECOND The date of when the order was modified
Gender TEXT The gender of the customer
City (Invoice) CITY City on the invoice
Country code (Invoice) TEXT Country code on the invoice
Region (Invoice) TEXT Region
Commision price CURRENCY_EUR Commision of the price
Currency TEXT Currency
Payment method TEXT Payment method
Shipping fee CURRENCY_EUR Shipping fee
Subtotal CURRENCY_EUR Subtotal
Total price CURRENCY_EUR Total price of the order
Transaction fee CURRENCY_EUR Transaction fee
Address supplement (Shipping) TEXT Address supplement
City (Shipping) CITY City
Country code (Shipping) TEXT Country code
Region (Shipping) TEXT Region
Status paid TEXT Status paid
Status shipping TEXT Status Shipping
Commision products CURRENCY_EUR Commision products
Delivery period YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECOND Delivery period products
Product EAN TEXT Product EAN
Article number TEXT Article number
Product price CURRENCY_EUR Price of the product in the order
Product quantity NUMBER Product quantity
Product title TEXT Product title
Product Shipping costs CURRENCY_EUR Product Shipping costs
Stock NUMBER Stock
Created date offer YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECOND Created date of the specific offer
Modified date offer YEAR_MONTH_DAY_SECOND Modified date offer
Price of the offer CURRENCY_EUR Price of the offer
Available BOOLEAN Available check
Stock tracking BOOLEAN Stock tracking
Title TEXT The title of the offer
Article number offer TEXT Article number offer
Status TEXT Status of returns
Channel name - Returns TEXT Channel name - Returns
Item number - Returns TEXT Item number - returns
Item name (returns) TEXT Item name
Quantity returned items NUMBER Quantity returned items
Reason of returns item TEXT Reason of returns item
Gender (Returns) TEXT Gender (Returns)
City (Retour) CITY City - returns address
Country code (Returns) TEXT Country code - returns address