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Within Looker Studio, there are over 400 different connectors available. We created 17 connectors, for free, for you to use in your Looker Studio dashboard. We’ll continue to build awesome connectors that we think are still missing from Looker Studio.

With data and new insights you can work towards clear goals and measurable KPIs. With a dashboard you can let “data” thrive in your organisation. It is for this reason that we, Gladior, are a Data Driven Digital Marketing agency.

We are the first digital marketing agency to create free connectors and to build custom dashboards for customers as well. That’s because, in our opinion, good data is crucial to any digital strategy. We are a digital marketing agency with our own data experts. We don’t depend on third parties and can provide insights from day 1.

We created 17 connectors, for free.
For you to use in your Looker Studio dashboard

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The Data Hub is an ongoing project, where new enhancements will be made especially for you. If you want a new Data Source, let us know!